Portrait painter/ object photographer/ toy designer

About the Artist

I find inspiration in many places and have lived in the United States and Europe which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because I find great value in cherishing human factors in this sterile, overly superficial world.

Notable Museum Exhibitions


2006 /9th Traditional Naval Exhibition / Naval Museum Comand Istanbul

2011 / BP Portrait Exhibition / National Portrait Galler London

2011 / Portrait Exhibition / Wolverhampton Art Gallery Museum/Wales

2011 / Portrait Exhibition / Aberdeen Art Gallery Museum/Scotland 

2017 / Portrait Exhibition / Frederiksborg Castle Museum/Denmark 

2017 / Portrait Exhibition / Ljungberg Museum, Sweden  ​​ ​ 

2006 / Navy Comand Artist

2011 / BP portrait award young artist

2017 / Portrait Now Selected