Critically Acclaimed Portrait Artist

My name is Sertan Saltan and I and sign my work under the name  Saltan.


Mrs. Cerna, BP Portrait Young Artist Award. National Portrait Gallery London, 2011


An Inspiring Journey

I find inspiration in many places and have lived in the United States and Europe which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because I find great value in cherishing human factors in this sterile, overly superficial world. Creating my portraits helps me break the barriers that are cast by prejudices of the audience and show the true selves of human beings without any filter. I specialize in oils and I focus on Portraiture. I also enjoy working with digital art, especially painting with digital brushes.

My art style is Naturalistic with storytelling illustrative elements that are based on reality. I am motivated by the human element and the great genius of humanity, its achievements as well as shortcomings. I've been creating art for 16 years. My favorite artist is Peder Severin Krøyer and I find his work to be inspiring and enlightening. Krøyer shows us different human qualities through his artistic marvel! I connect with the art community by being part of the artist organizations wherefrom beginner to advanced skills are appreciated, encouraged, and cherished. Many traditional artists today prefer to focus on their work rather than accumulating social media followers. As a community, most of us prefer to speak through our work, rather than breaking a bone to become famous. My work has shown at major museums in Europe such as 
Maritime Museum, Istanbul
The National Portrait Gallery, London
Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum, England
Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland
The Museum of National History, Denmark
Ljungberg Museum, Sweden.